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Modified a Tapco flat to work with a Polish Underfolder

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I wanted to take a break from building jigs and decided to use my milling machine for something different.

First thing was to fill in the rear trunion hole and grind them down. Then the fun part began... I didn't take any pictures, but the biggest part was getting the dimensions right considering that I was working with a flat not a bent receiver. The angles play a big part on where the holes line up.

Anyway.. here are a couple of pictures of before bending and after bending with my jig. The rivets are just stuck in to line everything up for now. I'm toying with the idea of modifying a bunch of flats and not drilling the trunion holes. Would anybody be interested in that?


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Well, I just fitted a Tapco flat for an underfolder without welding the two holes on the rear. The new holes are just underneath the existing ones, therefore no interference at all. Best thing is you can not see the holes when all together. I havent rivited the rear underfolder trunion yet but I think without having to do any modifying to it, it would be easier on a tapco flat. I did all the holes after the receiver was bent. It was a little difficult, but only took me 2 hours with my handy dandy dremel. I will post some pics later this week.
I spent most of my time trying to get to where I could reproduce the same piece over and over. Maybe when I get rid of all of the flats I have there might be a market for a steel template so you could just clamp the flat to it and dremel out the large hole and drill the others....


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I would like one of the standard flats for 14.95 +shipping. PM me the total and your addy and Ill send a M.O. out .
Stickerman said:
If anybody wants one let me know and I'll start making up some more. Right now I've got three ready to go for $35 each plus shipping.
Stickerman, I'll take one of the modified-for-underfolder flats. I'll have to wait
until Friday before I can send you off a money-order when I get paid. Please
e-mail me your name and addy so that I can send it off once I get the MO.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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