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More Tapco AMD kits!

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Tapco has a way of making me spend money.
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Thanatos said:
Just what I need, another AMD-65 kicking around the house! LOL I wasn't going to build another AMD-65, but now I may have to. Darn TAPCO!!
I have grown to love TAPCO! I also have another one on order. To cheap to pass up.

sniper69 said:
Cephus, Tony has posted $59.99 AMD 65 kits. I believe you need to call Tony direct for them and in the link above it should show that only 5 kits remain.
As of right now....they are sold out of the $59.99 Amd kits. All they have left are the $89.99 kits. But those kits include the g2 trigger groups and much more. Just thought I would let ya'll know since I just got off the phone with them.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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