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Nice looking trio of Mosins, I only wish the Russians had gone with 10 round mags. I'm sure you guys made plenty of noise just the same! :hugegun:

Those Aztec varieties look pretty darn nice, I'd say 75% of the Soviet Mosins I encounter at shops and shows around here have much lighter colored wood. I've noticed quite a bit of variation from the many countries but I like the looks of those. Their prices look pretty good too. Hmm, if this Tapco group buy doesn't fly this week maybe I'll have to try an Aztec. (I've been hoping the AK folder/forend would be an option for the Group Buy but another x54 is pretty tempting. I'd still hang with the Group Buy at Tapco, I'd just have to spend close to the minimum to maintain the ol' budget)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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