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Mosin numbers ???

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Im getting ready to do some custom Mosin Nagant builds and I notice that the serial number is on the barrel but not on the reciver its self. How am I not illegaly removing the serial number from a firearm when removing the barrel??
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Are you sure there's no serial number on the receiver? Look for the importer's stamp, by law they all must be id'd by importer. Earlier imports were allowed to be serialized on the barrel near the importers stamp, on later imports the ATF required a new serial number to be stamped onto the receiver itself, but the ATF serial number is most frequently in the same area as the importer stamp. Many are dot-matrix stamped, though some were hand-stamped with fully formed characters.

The legal serial probably won't match the serial on the barrel as stamped by the Russians.

If you really do not have a receiver serial number, I'd destroy the receiver before dismounting the barrel, and document the process. Maybe take a before picture with today's newspaper & date visible, then one with the destroyed receiver and tomorrow's newspaper, then finally one with the destroyed bits and removed barrel and a newspaper.
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Its the gun whe have been talking about (dragoon) there are no serial numbers or importer marks on this guns reciver. there are no importer marks on it period. Im not going to tear this one apart but if my others that are coming are this way then I need to think this over before proceding on a rebarrel.

for that matter how would one prove the barrel is original to the reciver and that those numbers are correct??

I have no intention of destroing a reciver because it didnt come with numbers from the factory.

Im betting this gun was a bring back from the war at one time.
The dragoon could have been either a bringback or an early import, before the GCA changed the rules on importation and serialization. Some of the earlier Mosins imported after the GCA were allowed to use the Soviet serial. Due to technical issues, the ATF began requiring newly-assigned serials.

The barreled receivers you bought are most likely recent imports and the receiver WILL be serialized.

BTW, did you get my PM about the party interested in buying that dragoon?
yes I got the message. untill i shoot it and get my other recivers Im not sure what Im going to do.
The ATF recognizes that various early and foreign firearms did not have serial numbers on the receiver. I can't point you directly to that part of the regs, but you can probably call the NFA branch in WV and ask.

I have two Canadian Ross receivers which have no serial numbers. Ross rifles were serialized, but on the stock, not the receiver. I just logged them into my C&R book by model number and "no serial number."

For that matter, none of my AKs have any serial numbers, either...
yea but this is FFL'd into my name with the numbers on the barrel and Im not sure removing them is cool.
I'd stamp or engrave whatever number was on the barrel onto the receiver and call it good. Otherwise, do that and keep the barrel stubs around as long as you feel you need to.
Don't do anything with the Dragoon ( I know your not, just wanted to say that :D ), it's most likely like SJ said, it came in before the ATF changed the serial number laws. A friend has a Finn that is like this, serial # is only on the barrel and no import marks, the # on the barrel is the rifles serial number and what he logged it as in his C&R book.

And I also agree, the ones you ordered to work on will most likely have a new serial # on the receiver and an import mark. Be patient and wait until you get them, your counting your chickens before they hatch.
And if you engrave/stamp the receiver on that dragoon, you destroy it's value. It effectively becomes worth the sum of its parts, about $50.
I agree with the guys as I own several Mosins with no serial marked receiver. Quickest way to destroy value is to alter them. When many of the old military rifles came in the were DIRT cheap and were sporterized or "tricked out" by the truckload. Have seen many chrome or pimped Mausers, Lugers, P38s etc with matching numbers that would be worth 10 times the value left untouched. Nothing wrong with finding a deal and turning it for a profit.
I'd stamp or engrave whatever number was on the barrel onto the receiver and call it good. Otherwise, do that and keep the barrel stubs around as long as you feel you need to.
That really wont solve any thing legaly and might even complicate things. the fact is that you still have removed the serial number from a fire arm. it would be no differant than removing a trunion from a WASR or Saiga. stamping a number will not really help things IMOO.

Im not going to mess with it as it has a nice barrel. i was mainly just asking the WHAT IF QUESTION.

The sum of parts is likely worth more than a compleate gun as bolts are not to be found for under $39 and the recivers are going for $35-$50 toss in a about $30 for a mag well and all the little parts and who knows what a good stock brings and a Mosin is worth much more in parts than the $80 you can buy them for. Im thinking I should have just bought complete guns.
But even at those prices, the parts would be unmolested. So $50 is all I'd give for a butchered Mosin :)
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