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This is posted on the FAL site. Its a great bunch of people and the admn. is extremely friendly but it seems that they have a problem.

Our current hosting / bandwidth bill has reached over $3,000 and effective Monday October 18th the site will be shut down if this balance is not paid in full.

I do not have the money to pay this bill, and the current level of contributions, advertising, etc.. do not even start to cover the amount due.

This leaves only two options that I can see:
- Don't pay the bill because the money isn't there to do so and the site get's shut down.
- Hope member contributions can pay the balance to keep the site running.

If you want to keep the site up, all I can ask is that contributions be sent via paypal to [email protected] or snail mail (Membership Info Page) so that I can forward them to our isp to keep the site online.

That's it as plain and simply as I can put it. No more group buys to try to pay the bills, no more raffles to try to get people to support the site. This is it.

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