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My builds.

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My first build was a Romanian G rifle. I have not put a finish on it yet because I thought it looked like it was made in Afganistan or some place,I'll do it some time.Second was an Hungarian AMD-65 with Romanian barrel,and U.S. made gas tube.Third was a Bulgarian AK-74 with virgin barrel,both the AMD and the 74 I finished with high temp grill paint.This worked well as a cheap alternative to parking.All run like clockwork.I'm very pleased anyway.The Saiga is the 20 inch,great rifle,I did put a post up in the Saiga section.I went ahead and used a cold blue kit from midway usa,gun black actually on my Romanian and scrubbed down with a brillo pad.It made quite a nice battlefield look.The photo doesnt do it justice.Thanks to 4-ID for the advice.


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Nice looking builds.

You might as well say somethings about the Saiga while your at it. Is that one of those with the 20" barrel?

Just answer the barrel question, I just seen your thread in the Saiga section :D
Those all look fantastic. Great job :rockin:
Very nice...Reminds me that I need to get moving on my AMD build. Welcome to the board.
Very nice work. Your hooked on building. :)
What you might think about doing is putting some type of blueing on the Romy receiver. Then take it down some with a light Brillo pad.
Just till you get the desired battlefield look.
Without some protection on there it will rust in a heartbeat.
Nice builds, thanks for the pics. I like how the saiga looks.
The one thing about the grill paint is that it scratches easily. Bad if you want a "safe queen" look, good if you want a "battlefield" look ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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