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My current favorite AK

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Saiga 12 with Galil forend, Yugo style grip soon to be replaced by a real Yugo M76 grip and its got a PK-A sight.

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That's awesome, I love the wood on it. Makes it look old school, but badass.
Yeah I like that too. Thanks for the pics
Yeah. Those things are a lot of fun. My brother and I went out shooting the other day and I counted seven shells in the air when he was shooting rapid fire. Now he ordered one of his own.
Chip. That is a nice looking weapon. Oh God I dont know anything about the Saiga's.
Please God dont let me shoot one of those. Then I would want one. No no no no. :)
SWEET!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Nice mag, how many rounds?
It's a SureFire 12 round

Oh God I dont know anything about the Saiga's.
4th they are basicly an AK, if you get to a show look at one and you'll notice it.
And a Saiga 12 is a must have since you like the AKs, nothing like a mag fed 12 gauge. But with your luck you'll get vodka special :lol:
00 Buck and skeet shooting don't really mix well....

[video=youtube;4UiymAVByV8]]YouTube - Saiga 12 skeet shooting[/video]
What the hell good is that thing. Damn guy couldn't hit the skeet with 24 shots. :)
The ******* kids down the road were doing beer bottle skeet shooting.
We were watching from my house. There some pretty sharp guys. Combined I.Q. of a road kill.
They were watching up the dead end road for the L.O.s
F.W.C. came by water and jumped them.
Yup get yer rakes boys. Time to clean up. Just another day in the swamps. :)
That piece looks marvelous!
Good choice of furniture.
Yeah, I figured the black plastic tactical railed faux AR-15 look had been way over done.
That looks great, nice match
Looks awesome Chip!!!!! How comfortable is the M76 style grip?? I know that when it comes to factory grips, I like the M70 best over any other. It just feels better with the shape/size of my hand. Then again, I'm partial to all things Yugo in "AK Land" anyway. LOL.
Where did you get the first (M76 copy) grip?? I might like to try one out. TIA,

The factory M76 is very comfortable. Fills the palm as far as its going to get filled. I wish I had more but not the easiest thing to find any more.

The first smaller M76 style came from ironwood designs.
Thanks for the info!
Is that the Ak-Builder choke adapter on the end of your barrel? If so, how do you like it?
If I ever get around to buying a choke tube for it I'll let you know :)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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