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My current project Russian milled

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Well it's not gonna be a BIY but I thought I'd share my current project with everyone

it's a 1959 Russian front milled stub with Russian barrel,top cover,gas tube and LHG the bolt carrier is Chinese romy UHG wood and romy selector lever the trigger guard is unknown milled at the moment as well as the recoil spring the bolt is a yugo milled I'm waiting on the last three parts I'm waiting on then I can send it out to turbothis for a reweld the non Russian parts will eventually be replaced with Russian parts when they pop up

I don't have a rear stub for it but it will be fixed stock and turbothis is going to make the rear stub for it I have less than $300 in all the parts so far

here's a pic and BTW I do have the rear sight block it just needs to be installed
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can you say what the cost for this will be by Turbothis? Might want to do the same with a cut Hungarian milled kit Regards Graywolf
350+parts trade for the reweld the Hungarian I'm gonna wait till I can get a mill and make my own plates it's gonna be more of a wallhanger/plinker since the barrel is pretty bad on the inside and counter bored
My Russian T3 re-weld has a pretty rotten looking bore, counterbored too. BUT, it shoots very well. Dont discount this build until you shoot it!

BTW, ambivolent, I come across rear T3 stubs from time to time, would you like me to keep my eyes open for one for you?
I'm good on a rear turbothis and I have already made an agreement to use one of his custom made rears I've found a few but a little too spendy for my taste Since im doing this in a budget lol

The vote on the Hungarian I have may end up being a good shooter well see eventually the chrome is flakingn off down the barrel but the barrel on the Russian stub is like new I'm sure it'll be a great shooter

almost have all the parts just need to find a buttstock
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almost have all the parts just need to find a buttstock
I'm looking for a full furniture set for my Russian re-weld too. (One that doesn't cost a small fortune.)

You're going to have one very nice rifle very soon!
Yea tell me about it I've got a Hardwood milled buttstock that will be a stand in until I find the stock I was gonna send it out this month but I'm leaving for California tomorrow so I can suprise my pops with an early fathers day so sending it off is on hold
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