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Rhino refrains from saying anything that might be misconstrued as offensive, suggestive, or generally unacceptable. But I'm sure as hell gonna think it!

Screw it, I'll say it anyway:


That pic just makes me want to BUST out with joy.

I tried to RACK my brain, but couldn't come up with anything original to say about that pic.

I see you're keeping aBREAST of the situation...

2 words; sweater puppies. (I know it's not a pun, but I was distracted by the pic...)

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OK, this really is not my GF, It's a neat web page that will put anything (up to so many digits) after the "I Love".....

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but I thought we needed a little more around here than AK's for a while....come on guys lets liven this place up...

Here's the link, realize this has frontal nudity (i.e. nip's) PUT YOUR NAME IN THE BOX
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