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Here's a pic of my little huntin' buddy just after his latest expedition. It was a tough one. That backyard pool deck can be grueling terrain for even the toughest 7 year old. The highlight of the expedition came with an incredible 18 foot head shot on a huge boar American Anole, more commonly known as a "little green lizard" to the layperson. Fortunately the prizewinning shot stopped the rampaging beast in it's tracks. Fortunate because we all know what it's like to have to track a wounded lizard through a hedge, yes, that's right, time to break out the rapid fire airsoft pistol and put our lives on the line in order to put down the ferocious animal in a humane way.

The trophy lizard can be seen on the left side. It's the one that's a little bit bigger. You might have to look close... :)

Seriously though, he is turning into a heckuva shot with that BB gun of his. He was very proud of his "trophies" today. :cheers:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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