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My remington won't chamber cartridges

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howdy everyone. So, the first, and only time so far that i shot the .308 model 700 i bought i went through almost a full box of winchester powerpoint that all shot great. I also had 3 other .308 rounds that i think my hunting buddy gave me one day last year that i never used. Not one of them would chamber! I mean, i didn't try to force it, since all the winchesters went in nice and easy. I know they were something right out of a box...not reloads or anything like that. Just normal probably 150 or 180 grain soft tips. I just can't think of any reason they wouldn't fit in the chamber? I should have saved them....don't know what i did with em now haha:wallbash:. What are ya'lls thoughts on it?
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I've seen some factory 270 that would not chamber in a 700 rifle. doesn't happen often but the factory screws up sometime.. b2b
"Out of the box" - what brand? It is possible these were "factory reloads" in other words ammo that was loaded not by one of the name-brand companies but one of the 3rd party reloading companies we all see at the GS who are licensed and load their own stuff up.

Sounds to me like the ammo wasn't trimmed down enough. Definitely could be a factory error but highly unlikely unless there was a recall on some ammo lots. Which can happen like B2B said. But with 3 rounds its hard to tell.
I had something similar happen to me a long time ago. A piece of crud was stuck under the extractor, preventing any rounds to chamber. Nothing was wrong with the ammo.
That sounds like a good possibility. I didn't figure there could be anything wrong with the gun if the first box all shot fine. Now i want to know what was wrong with the ammo. Wish to hell i wouldn't have lost it
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