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I finally got to meet one of the semi local members today.. Cephus has been after me for some time to make the trip down for a visit, and I finally decided to brave the $2.09 a gallon gas, load up the ole Chevy, and take the roller coaster trip thru the hills.. :sick:

Well I'm glad I did, Cephus is a wonderfull and freindly guy, I got to meet his daugther, grandkids, dogs, and wife (even though she was snoozin on the couch). .Great family you have Cephus

When I got there, Cephus gave me the tour, showed off his creations, treasures, and work shop.. We BSed about guns, politics.. Had some great cofffe, Then I showed off some of my toys I brought, and off to the range..

Cephus has a nice little 100 yars shootin range setup right behind his house.. We blazed thru a few rounds, then the rain started in.. So back to more coffe and shootin the breeze..

All in all it was a great day, and I'm glad as hell Cephus welcomed me down.. Thanks you Cep..

Now all I have left is Bluejack, and the Pittsburgh crew, hopefully at the Monroeville gun show in November??

Thanks a million for havin me Cephus.. Can't wait to do it again.. :thankyou:
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