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my worst build ever.

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I do not know ware to start.. well here goes. every thing that could screw up did. NEVER has things gone this poorly before. worst one was pressing rivets one time I misaligned the reciever on the press block and dented the reciever!!! WTF !!! this is the first build I tried to keep the rivet heads half round so I had an extra tool to hold and no extra hand to hold it. when I did trigger guard rivets the reciever slipped again and I had to redo the rivet. I should have stopped work sooner than I did things just kept going wrong. rear trunion ,, one of the rivets was too short so I had to drill it out and redo it .. I finaly got the reciever done and the barrel installed and went to my parts kit. now this is a plastic stock set Romanian kit from I.O. fhe crap continued. the plate and door were off the stock, and I could not find the large coil spring, then I could not figure how the spring would work even if it was their. no round hole. So I go to put the door and plate on and their is NO WAY thoes parts went togeather before or ever. I had to make a small notch on both sides of the stock for the door hinge to fit in. OK OK not too bad now the back of the stock is ready to insert into the stock itself. the rear end is held in with two screws that would go through a sling loop. BUT the sling loop is way too small , the screw holes do not line up with the holes in the stock. AGAIN WTF!! at this point I decided to stop. my round head rivets ended up looking prety good. I guess that is something.
even my first build went WAY better than this job.
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Take heart, it will turn out ok. I had a amd63 that I had to fight every step of the way. It seems like every once in a while you run into a build that makes you crazy.Just finished a Polish underfolder that went together so sweet I couldn't believe it. Everything just clicked and fit just right. Just stick with it and chances are the next one will be quite a different story


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You are right. Taking your time IS the answer. Took me 4 hurricanes to get the polish finished!
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