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need ammo for your FAL? Excellent price on Port!

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With the price of port 308 going up, it was nice to see this good deal. At sportsmans guide doing a search will show port for $174.97/1000 (buyers club $166.22 at it is product code WX2-51733. I know, AIM has port for $149, but here is where it gets good. If you use product code DX3M2-51733 at the sportsmans guide the same case of port is $134.97/1000 (buyers club, $128.22). The link to it is here And with coupons it makes it even cheaper. If anyone needs coupon codes for SG, there are some at gunsnet and some at falfiles. Mine shipped today, so the price is valid. Figured at the 128.22 price you could use a $10 coupon.
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Wow, that's the best price I have ever seen.
got it last monday (the 15th). Very quick shipping and well packaged. Now to find time to use some, lol.
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