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-Need help please on rear trunion-

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I tapped all of my (front) trunion holes with no problem.
When It came to the rear trunion the 10-32 tap is to small for the damn hole! The screws I've purchased are for 10-32 for the trunions and the hole is to big, I (don't) want to tap for a 1/4" screw. Some say I have no choice but I'm looking for a second opinion.
Could I fill the holes with jb weld than tap for my 10-32?
Could I use some type of shank or insert than tap with a smaller size?
Exactly how much pressure is going to be on the force of the rear trunion?

I was even thinking of filling the holes with (JB) than setting in the receiver, putting the screws in than just letting it cure.
What's the diffference if you use rivets would'nt it be the same principal?
Please give me some advice guys, I don't want to go bigger on the screws.
I've spent to much time to make this a tacky lookin build with fat headed screws in the rear trunion.
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-Rear trunion-

I drilled a new hole in the receiver, than used a quick metal repair reson hardener almost like "JB" and it worked great!
Thanks guys...Shadow :thumbup1:
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