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Need help what is the officical way to build the 7.62x25 blowback

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I have a bucket load of parts fron an ak 74 and most parts from the ppsh 43?(the all steel one) I have seen different ways to weld in the bolt to the carrier and etc. Many ways to do it. But which way is the true tested way ?
If someone could point me to the thread or let me know I would truely be in your debt Thanks much
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This is one of the classics.

There have been gas ops but a blowback would be "true tested". There's also a xebec bullpup!
Thanks Winn R
I was curious, I have seen some guys weld the bolt close to the back of the bolt carrier and therefore the bolt closes all the way.

Then I have seen where they welded the bolt out further and they had to add a small piece of steel in the gap (being the bolt carrier sticks out some) for either a stopping point or so the don't get debri in their face.
Which is best there??
Thanks again
Blowback? You need to weld the bolt where the lugs do NOT engage. Bolt all the way forward. Uses spring pressure alone to lock it up.

I'm not sure on the itty bitty details on bolt placement. Did you see those other 7.62x25 discussion links? I think TRX put them all up in the caliber conversion section:

Now a gas system is going to be your normal AK setup, but with a lighter spring and possibly lighter bolt carrier to let this lighter round cycle the action. Off the top of my head I think some people used a .22 AK spring and worked from there.

I still would like to build one of these but I'm running out of parts kits LOL
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