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-Need info. on trigger slap-

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Could anyone define trigger slap, and how to correct it?
Also what are your opinions on the "Red star arms" Adjustable trigger assembly for $85.00?
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I found several sites that describe AK trigger slap as being caused by the back side of the disconnector making contact with the trigger when the bolt carrier cycles. When the hammer is pushed back and rotates the disconnector, the back side of the disconnector hits the trigger and the trigger transmits the shock to your trigger finger. Fixing the slap is a simple matter of trimming the excess tail off the disconnector.

From what I've heard, the Red Star Arms FCG is pretty damn nice. I dry fired a buddy's ORF AK with one and it is SMOOTH! The parts have some damn nice lookin' machine work, and they're adjustable.

The Tapco G2 sets are pretty decent for 1/2 the price of the Red Star Arms set. They're not adjustable though. The G2 set works even better if you polish the engagement surfaces of the parts. I used the method described in this link:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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