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Well I just got a parts kits and a receiver on the way.. So now
I get to use all those expensive tools I bought before Christmas, like plinkers rivet jig..

My question really needs to be in a exchange forum, but we don't have one, so I'll ask here..

I just ordered a few of those nice, but expensive rivet kits from K-Var, but what I am looking for is some rivets for practice. They don't need to be the correct size, or head shape, as I'm gonna use the K-Var rivets for the build, but I want to do some practicing with Plinker's jig and scap first..

So does anyone have some spare rivets they don't need, and can part with cheap so I don't ruin my god ones?


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McMaster sells rivets by the pound:

3/16" rivets McMaster #97300A675 $4.31
5/32" rivets McMaster #97300A105 $4.94

5/32" is probably your best bet, but these are the two closest US sizes to find.

- Jerry
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