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New AR 15 build

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Here's some pics of my New AR 15 build. I have a problem, though. It functions properly until I put a clip in it. Then when I pull the charging handle back it doesn't spring back like it should when I let go of it. I have to push it back into place and the bolt is hanging up on the bolt catch. The mag is causing the bolt catch to raise up enough to stop the closing of the bolt. Not knowing much about AR's I don't know what to do. Any suggestions. The mag is empty. Maybe this is suppose to happen so the bolt stays open when the mag is empty????? ak'sr4me


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Thanks Charles. I suspected it may have been normal, but being my first AR I wasn't sure. Now I can test fire it. Maybe I should delete this post. No sense advertising stupidity. LMAO Don
7.62x39 said:
Looks great.

I knew you could do it.
Pretty simple, compared to building a AK, huh.

Who's receiver did you end up using?
Thanks 7.62. I used a Forged L.A.R. Grizzly. It was the best one I found at the gunshow. Their was an Armalite there too, but the guy wanted 180 for it and I got the Grizzly for 120. The only problem I had with it was the hole for the bolt catch buffer was too small or the buffer was too big. I opened the hole up to 5/32 and it works fine. Your right, these builds are simple almost not even a challange. I thing the next one I build I am going to try an 80% receiver and finish it myself. KT Ordnance sells a 80% that is made out of a solid peice of aluminum billet, has the mag well hogged out already and the Stock hole threaded, which I beleive are the only things that you need a milling machine for. To finish it is just a matter of drilling some holes for the springs and dentents. They sell a finishing package for another 60 bucks that has every tool you need to complete it and you don't have to fill out the yellow form. It is more expensive then the completed ones, but it would provide a little more challenge. Thanks for all the info you provided me. I didn't know shit about AR's except that I wanted one. I have about 700 into it including the tolls I bought to build it with and I don't think I could buy a comparible rifle from a dealer for the same price. Don
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hcpookie said:
You have a link to their website?
Pookie. I don't know how to post a link but their web site address is Don
yosuthnmasa said:
Where did you order your partskit from? Is it an m4?
I got it from the place 7.62 recommended, Model 1 Sales. It's their M4 C.A.R. kit with the A3 flattop upper. I got the optional M4 stock and the removable carrying handle and sight so that was an extra 110 bucks. I bought it in person from Model 1 at a local gunshow here in Michigan. When I told him I could get it from the website and not pay any tax, he said he would eat the tax and I also saved on the shipping cost too. ak'sr4me
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