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New Century Bulgy rifle

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Just received my new bulgy and want to switch the furniture. I can not seem to take the rear stock off. Any tips or tricks, soaking in kroil now.

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Not being smart, but you did take out both screws right? Some people miss the one under the cover, that's why I ask.

It might be a very tight fit, take out the bolt assemble and you might have to bang on it from inside the receiver.
I had one that was like this, locked the barrel in the vise (in case I scuffed the finish it would be hidden by the hand gaurd), used the large end of a 1/2 drive socket extension, then with a couple good wacks with a hammer it came out enough to wiggle it free.

Is something wrong with the furniture or you just don't like it? If you think you want to get rid of it let me know then
Some of them are pressed in there tight. Try taking off the pistol grip off and using a big screw driver as a lever to press it out with the pivot point being the pistol grip hole in the receiver. You'll most likely want to cut a rectangle piece of metal to cover and protect the front nose of the stock that you'll be levering on. If you look inside of the receiver you'll see the stock nose just under the rear stock trunion/tang. I also made a little tool to press it out using an allen screw, but in practice the big screwdriver works just as good. If I can find it I'll post some pictures of it.
Both screws? Is there not just one on the rear trunion?
Nope. 2 screws. One behind the dust cover, and one about 2" forward of that under the dust cover and spring.
Got it. Thanks. Oh I am switching the furniture to a Romy. I has some furniture in green that I think will look better on the Bulgy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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