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New guy from Ohio....

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Hi Everybody,

Everyone knows me as Johnny V. I am a truck mechanic for the past 35 years and at one point in time ('bout 25 years ago) worked for Cleveland Custom Gunshop as a gunsmith and machinist. In my younger days, I was an aficionado of long range shooting and big bore guns and could be found at the range (at least a couple times a week) with nothing less than my .378 Weatherby (on a Brevex Mauser action). I made several trips out west, (Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana) where I honed my skills.

Somewhere along the line I lost interest in guns and shooting, but would like to rekindle the flame I once had for the shooting sports.

The only stupid question is the one not asked....
Johnny V
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Hello & Welcome
Welcome to Gunco
Hello & :welcome:
Hello and welcome to Gunco.
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