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New Guy looking for building party in Colorado

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I'm new to ak's and have a few kits and supplies I'm looking to put together. I don't have all the necessary tools yet and definitely do not have the experience or practical knowledge.

I'm looking to see if there are any building groups in Colorado already established and if I can join them for their next build to learn from people with far greater knowledge than my own.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm new to ak's and have a few kits and supplies I'm looking to put together. I don't have all the necessary tools yet and definitely do not have the experience or practical knowledge.

I'm looking to see if there are any building groups in Colorado already established and if I can join them for their next build to learn from people with far greater knowledge than my own.

Thanks in advance!
There's usually a good group that has gotten together in the Denver/central CO area about once a month for the past two months. I can't say when the next one will be yet, but there already is talk of another one happening soon. Keep your eyes peeled in the BIY sub forum here for more details. It'll probably be titled "Colorado Build Party III" or something similar.

Between us (the regulars) and Gunco, we have all the tools and info on hand or available.

Welcome to the site BTW.
what part of colorado are you in anyways bluebouyz?
I live in Denver, but can travel to wherever the build might be, within reason. Primarily, up and down the front range.
Very cool the next build will either be in the ft collins/loveland area or denver area get your posts above 15 by posting regular posts (not spam) and then you can private message with us for contact info
Hi! I live in Arvada CO and this right up my alley. Good timing too.
I have a Romanian parts kit coming in the mail and would like to communicate with someone during the build.

I have a set of headspace gauges coming in the mail. I am going to get a drill press and set of punches this weekend. Maybe a shop press too.

There is a web site that has AK47 specialty tools. I will need several of these.

The accumulated cost of all this will be substantial. It would be nice to share tools with someone.

I have no experience in building firearms, but I am mechanically inclined. I can follow instruction, which I have found a lot, through heavy research.

If you are interested, reply to this thread, I'll keep an eye on it. Or if someone wants to include me in their build party I would be appreciative.
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sounds nice plead2nd haha nice name by the way, there's some of us here that get together for co build parties, keep your eyes out for a colorado builders III (i assume whoever starts it will use something like that) also get your posts up to 15 and you can reply to private messages as that is usually how we like to trade contact info. my first (at the first build party then finished at home) was a romanian too just about finished my second my m76. about the tools if you only plan on building 1 or maybe 2 rifles in the forseable future then it's pointless to buy the specialized tooling though about all of it can be made depending on a persons skill but i have to say ak builder has some damn nice tools well damn nice everything. might not be a bad idea to get a drill press since with a 20 percent off coupon you could get harbor freights keyless chuck one for 55 bucks (i have that one and i think it's the same as gomopars) also a press makes things very nice too and for the most part the 12 ton hf press works well (unless you abuse it like mine and have to fix it and weld the bottom brace back on haha) there are usually coupns in magazines bringing that one down to 79 bucks i think. those are two tools we use alot that aren't just specialized to ak building. they're not required but make things very nice. as far as a flat bending jig, and the rivet tools spot welder and demil jigs, depends on you, but with our build parties somewhat regular there's no need to buy any of the tools i listed as the core of us have about all the seperet tools each now. also we're trying to get park and bluing tanks set up but might not happen by co builders 3
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iplead2nd, if you didn't notice AK-Builder is a sponsoring vendor here, so that should say something about his products.
Also if you can get to a build party just to hang out, it helps a lot with the first build so your not second guessing what your doing.

And I like how you guys are keeping info flowing on the forum.

Just want to add my $.02 on the drill press thing.
If you can get one, even just a bench model, get it. The only thing I'd suggest strongly is stay away from a keyless chuck on a drill press, for a hand held they are ok.
what you don't like the HF keyless chuck? i agree it isn't the greatest but it hasn't failed me yet plus i do light stuff with it, the hardest i made it work was drilling my barrel pin hole though and for nasty stuff i have my 50's shopsmith, i guess i'd have to agree with coils, you might not want to get the keyless it it's your only drill press i just wanted a small benchtop for my basement, but you'll probably get a chance to use either mine or mopars keyles harbor freight drill press at a build party so you can see if you like it or not. anyways us colorado guys will stay in touch with you.
I've got one of those HF drill presses- I'd say the slop in the spindle is more of a concern than the chuck to me...

but if I need real precision, I'll use the mill- but it's handy to have both at times..

I finally started ordering parts for my Romy G builds.. still need to put an order into AK-builder for the flats, rivet kits, and a couple 922r parts..
one's going to be a pistol, so I need to find a lathe to turn the barrel on..
holy crap!! i almost thought you died haha jk how have you been luny? i almost gave you a call this weekend to see how you've been.

please don't cut that romy barrel down it's too nice i'm sure well dog might wanna buy it lol that's what those crappy shot out yugo barrels are for haha anyway, i need to turn a barrel too yugo for my underfolder, still thinking of making an underfolder mock krink in 7.62. but that's on the back burner, i drilled my rivet holes last night on my ak builder yugo m72 flat, i think i'll use my spare m76 parts and make an m77 clone

i agree with the slop issue but it does the job for a budget minded guy like me. i have my shopsmith when i need a nice tight drill press but it's in my dusty garage and it sounds like a jet engine with it's running (early 50's all steel machine)
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just been busy between work, and re-building a deck at my house.. got about 240 Sq ft of it re-done so far, along with 60ft of railing..

been gathering parts for a 1911 budget build, last of the parts will be here Wednesday..

I've gone back and forth on using one of these kits as a pistol vs a Yugo or similar.. even considered just buying a Draco when I saw one for $350... Yugo barrels aren't chrome lined- that's why I keep going back to using this Romy G.. I've seen some pistol barrels made from Romy bbl on GB for $75, but with a 1/2x28 threading..

I could just do a 16" barreled pistol, :lol:lets me keep all the Romy parts (sans stock & rear trunnion), rather than swapping in compliance parts... then swap in a shorter barrel/gas piston/gas tube at a later date.. hmm
You can't get a keyless chuck as tight as a keyed one, that's the only reason I don't like them on a drill press, I have one on a hand drill and it seems to work fine for that.
I can probably say there will be a build party in the next month in Northern Colorado! Just keep up with then posts. Plenty of activity here,
welcome bluebouyz and ipleadda2nd
WHOA!!Luny!!!long time no see!!
like welldog said get your posts up so you can pm theese guys-some damn good people and good builders
im sure theres gonna be more build parties so stay tuned;)
and ipleadda2nd its allways nice to have someone else with a set of tools
yea i know im not from Colorado but i did stay at there holliday inn!!:)
i allways wanted to use that:lol: seriously-my wifes from the springs and we'll be out there on vacation in august and we'd like to move out there hopefully by next summer
for all the new builders out there in Col. theese guys have a ton of knowledge and creativity so keep readin and learn:notworthy
Very kind words for us ztech, haha. I don't know about the other co guys but I feel I know enough to get into trouble haha. about all the knowledge I've aquired about building ak rifles was learned here from reading and searching. There's a lot of good quality builders here at gunco and a lot of good guys in general here
ah Brata nie jestsz wjluszko?
not in bed yet?LOL!-i was checking to see if my software finished downloading and saw you still up!
yup thots how i learned-a lot and i mean A LOT of reading/research and paying atention
(plus a bit of trial and error as well;) )
if your willing to read the forum and stickies and arent quite sure the guys are more than happy to help-hell they saved me a bunch of screwups before i made em!
well im off to bed now-hey j ill call ya tomorow wanna know how the m76 is goin;)

I bought a pistol setup- barrel, RSB, FSB/GB combo from a member here- so the Romy G virgin barrel is safe from the lathe.. :nanabang:

will save a lot of time/fabrication from trying to do it from scratch.. and it seems like finding time is my biggest problem..

the question now is, do I use parts from one of the Romy G kits I have to complete it, or do I get a barrel-less Romy kit (CFS has them for $119).. maybe sell one of the G kits I have left? (not sure I want to build 2 Romy G's as rifles- or do I just squirrel it away, built or not built?)

BTW, J&G sales has marked down the Yugo 7.62x39 to under $200 per 1260 rnds- anyone making a trip to AZ soon? :) considering picking up a case or more at that price- not sure how much lower it'll go
if it were me i would squirl away the g and get a barrel-les underfolder built the pistol from that and maybe even sell the underfolder stock and hinge pin. though you could sell the g kit you've saved and buy a yugo front end fron centerfire an ak builder yguo flat and a yugo folder rear trunnion and use the romt folder stock and make your self an m70 folder (just some ideas) or use your romy g for a 7.62x25 blow back hehe
I wouldn't wreck a bolt to make a blow-back.. I've been following the 2XTM thread- looks lit it wouldn't be too difficult to mill a blow-back bolt carrier setup (all one piece, heavier than a converted bolt carrier)

I could make one of the G's into an underfolder, too.. hmm

I'd like to have an AK in .223- but not sure I can beat the price of a Saiga..
& I've got to finish some projects before starting that one..
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