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The day before I left to meet the guys in Pittsburgh, I took delivery of a new mig welder.
I picked up a bottle of gas during the week, and today I finally got a chance to set it up.

I gotta tell you mig welding is really easy.
I used to be a fairly good stick welder, back in the 70's, but I never picked up a mig torch until just a little while ago.

I took a couple of pieces of scrap receiver and tried a lap weld.
I set the welder up as per Hobart's recommendations for .040 mild steel, as far as gas flow, amperage and feed speed.

I mainly wanted this for welding in rails, so I tried a couple of plug (AKA rosette) welds.
I drilled three 3/16th holes in the top piece and clamped it to the other.

I know these are not real pretty, but keep in mind, these are the first four mig welds, I've ever attempted.

You can see from the bottom view, the penetration was good, but no where close to burning through.
And let me tell you these suckers are welded, I destroyed them trying to break them apart.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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