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new question about 5.45x39 pistol gas port size

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guy's, if I drill my gas port a little oversized for my 5.45x39 pistol, and then modify my G.B/S.B. with a adjustable intersecting screw ( a design like a carburetor idle mix)that should work, Right?
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Hello 1phast340,
You may wish to use a stainless machine screw and a lock nut as your valve. A blunt tip should function better than a point in the large passage.

I have discovered that some AK gas block fittings are very hard castings. A spot of grinding may be needed to get under the hard surface.

Id turn the screw around there can be some pretty high pressures in that block. another way to do it id side to side and then you can also put a plug in it and drill it out.

with your gun you in that calibur you will likely never reload so once you get it shooting surplus ammo and dialed in you likely will never need to adjust it. Id just start small and work your way up. witht eh block n the end of the barrel its not a big deal to pull it off to redrill.

Id definaly point it away from my face however.
Thought of similar things for the PSL, your idea is as good as any I had or saw. You might wanna anneal the FSB before attempting to drill/tap it, as VD said. You could likely re-harden it well enough by heating it to red and quenching it in motor oil, if it needs to be hard at all, barrels ain't hard steel...
stay small on that gasport.i wouldnt go any bigger than a 1/16" man there is a lot of pressure that close to the chamber. i think the 545 pistol 7.5" barrel i built is nearly the loudest thing i have every need plugs and muffs, ear shattering would be the term i would use.
Id turn the screw around there can be some pretty high pressures in that block.
Id definaly point it away from my face however.
Yup. Drill it from the muzzle end.
Your design would work but it would be a pain to adjust, you'd have to feild strip it just to make an adjustment. If your not worried about looks you could come in from the side too, I say that because if you have a threaded barrel it would most likely get in the way of a muzzle device if placed on the front of the gas block.
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