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new underfolder reciever build

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Please Help. I installed my fcg into my new homemade reciever that I am working and it is not fuctioning properly. When the trigger is cocked it catches the trigger hook and the disconnector. When I pull the trigger the disconnector is not releasing the hammer. It is disconnecting from the trigger hook but not the disconnector. Can't figure it out. Checked my locations for the trigger and hammer pins and there right on the money. Any ideas's..Thanks ak'sr4me
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I am not shure without seeing it but is your disconector spring in?? it is a small conpretion spring like a pen spring. it goes between the trigger and disconector.
it sounds like you have a good eye to see what is and is not happening. Maby when you are ready to test fire try it with just one round in the mag a few times then with two rounds in the mag. so you can not get a run away.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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