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new underfolder reciever build

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Please Help. I installed my fcg into my new homemade reciever that I am working and it is not fuctioning properly. When the trigger is cocked it catches the trigger hook and the disconnector. When I pull the trigger the disconnector is not releasing the hammer. It is disconnecting from the trigger hook but not the disconnector. Can't figure it out. Checked my locations for the trigger and hammer pins and there right on the money. Any ideas's..Thanks ak'sr4me
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My spring was in but it was really a strong one, maybe a little streched out. I compressed it together a little to see if it would help but no luck. What I did find was my hammer was contacting the sear at a little bit of an angle. I filed just a touch off of it where it contacts the sear to square it up and it took care of the problem. I guess my fcg holes are not quite paralell to each other.. I still am not going to run it until I make sure this thing is correct. This is my fifth build and the first time I have encountered this problem. ak'sr4me
That is a very good idea. Thank's Hotbarrel
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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