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Newbie question

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Sry I am new here and in arms building too , so sry if i wrote something wrong or in the wrong forum.

So my question is it possible to build ak from scratch using only raw materials or blanks with hand tools and some power tools only ? I mean all parts not only the lower reciever that i saw tutorial about.
And is it possible to get tutorial on that awsome ak pistol
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You're not going to build a barrel with hand tools... You won't be able to build most of the parts without a mill and a lathe.


PS - I take that back, you could, but you'd need to be pretty clever.
And some sore hands from one HELL of a lot of filing!!
oh mate i done a lot of hand filling in my mechanical course
There was that video from Pakistain where they had this outback town where they made bootleg guns by hand/hand tools.I seem to remember one marked "MADE AS CHINA".
You could go and apprentice in Darra ?

+ YouTube Video
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Thats a little piece of heaven
You're not going to build a barrel with hand tools... You won't be able to build most of the parts without a mill and a lathe.


PS - I take that back, you could, but you'd need to be pretty clever.
And you better know everything there is to know about blacksmithing. You'll need to harden the parts correctly when you're finished filing them. do it wrong and the rifle will KB.
So what about the parts that i could build excluding barrell
Yes you could file fit about every part if you had enough time and ambition. Parts could be simplified. If you went blowback instead of gas it would be much less to build.

My question is why? Barrel-less kits are out there for $125. Why reinvent the wheel?
So what about the parts that i could build excluding barrell
The trunnion and the bolt also need to be hardened properly or the rifle KBs. The other parts will wear quickly if not hardened properly, assuming you don't have a catastrophic failure.
Making a firearm from scratch falls into the category of: If you have to ask how to do it, you probably shouldn't try it.
Would a drill press and some nice vises at least be availible? With a drill press you've got yourself a poor man's mill and could re-profile a barrel. Does your country consider a torch cut receiver stub a gun part or a piece of scrap metal? If they call it scrap then you could do a reweld. A bolt would be tricky to make but with carefull planning you could probably mill one even with a drill press and the right set up. In fact a bolt probably wouldn't be too hard to make with a simple drill press and files, just absurdly tedious. But as everyone else said a proper heat treat is important.

If you do build an ak from scratch I hope you're careful. Also we all hear about the bootleg guns made by hand tools in pakistan but I wonder how many of those home made aks killed or maimed their user.
If he's in the UK I believe its barrels and bolts and possibly magazines that are difficult to find. Receivers are available on deactivated guns. He'd have to buy an old spec deactivated gun and remove the barrel and bolt and start over. Not terribly hard to do but he's have to find a way of importing that stuff from the US or Eastern Europe. A new spec gun would be harder but with time and patience its not impossible. He'd have to probably replace the trunnion on a new spec welded gun.

Yes, I am advocating breaking the laws of the UK.

Deactivated Old Specification AK47 (AKM) Assault Rifle - Modern Deactivated Guns - Deactivated Guns
Hello Fogy,
The simplest, safest, and ultimately cheapest way to build an AK for you is to MOVE to the USA !!!!! We even speak English here (mostly). Many of our towns even have the same names as those in the UK. We like Enfields, Brens, Vickers, Stens, Sterlings, and Webleys here too !!! Gun enthusiasts and patriots here are respected citizenery (except by commie-traitor leftists).

I am quite serious about this issue as my good friend and writer Phil Luty in England has spent years in the Brit gulags for his gunsmithing and gun books there. The current UK gov't and generation is insanely anti-firearm. Yes, England is a very beautiful country and I have enjoyed that while visiting years ago but the current regime(s) has damaged your liberty beyond repair. Gov't thugs have used the ruse of "terrorist prevention" to destroy a once great nation. Similar bastards here are trying to do the same to the USA. We need some reinforcements (preferably who speak the Queen's English).

Should a move here not be possible I suggest Canada even with their restrictive gun laws they are a free(er) country than the UK now.

Do be very careful about your gun-oriented email and websites as the Brit gov't tracks and spies upon hapless pro-gun enthusiasts there. They do contact INTERPOL and cause great grief for gun enthusiasts even in Europe. The entire scenario stinks of totalitarianism (ie commu-nazi shit).

Best wishes and happy hunting,
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It wouldnt be a bad choise but usa goverment started suppressing its people too its only the time question when they start getting like here in uk , but you know times will change people will not bend to the will of the goverment and police ( as you know its police state) , so again its just a time question then shit hits the fan.

Btw warm forum you got here , I am glad i joined in .
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