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NFA links please!

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In about 3 months I'll be looking for the fun switch. I'm thinking HK multi-caliber sear pak, M16, I'd love to find a deal on a 1919 plate. The 1919 plate is likely out of my price. Interested only in transferable available. Prefer a rifle, sub-guns second. If anyone has links to valuable research or sites, please post or PM me!
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I would start off at:

Sturmgewehr Assault Rifle and NFA Forums - On the New Server

Tom Bowers' Politically Incorrect Machine Gun Pages has some good info and decent classifieds as well.

ARF has some pretty active NFA classifieds: NFA Firearms & Parts - AR15.COM

ARF also has good subsections in their Armory section: Armory - AR15.COM

There was also a gunfinder page where you would type in whatever gun you wanted and it would search the internet for you but I can't find that page anymore. Maybe you can use your google button better than me.

These should get you started and keep you occupied for awhile.
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