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Nice custom AK kit New romy barrel $350.00

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I am selling a kit that I collected parts to build a custom get everything you see in the pic, there is over $150.00 in US aftermarket parts in the kit. It has a new romy chromelined barrel....It has US stock, handgard, gas tube, saw grip and trigger group...Buy it and build it and be in a nice custom AK cheap...$300.00 shipped to your door.


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lowered price to $300.00 shipped!!.....this is a good deal with the US parts and new barrel..It will be a new rifle when completed
Paul, What was the base for this kit Romy ? are there any #'s matching parts in there? Let me know. Thanks Bob
Also interested but have the same question, do the #'s match and what model(s) are the parts from? Thanks
No the numbers don't match...I am sure some of them do, but I have built sevral AK's and this is mostly parts I had left over from some of those builds..And stuff I bought New for this build.....When you are assembling the whole frontend on a new barrel It has to be head spaced anyhow, So it really doesn't matter if the numbers match or not in my opinion.....This is a great buy as It has all the Us parts already and will be a new never fired rifle when completed...
Someone make me a fair offer.....I am cleaning out my basement and moving my workshop and do not need this stuff anymore....
I'm interested in the kit and wanted to send you a pm but couldn't since I just registered and needed 10 posts prior, are you willing to ship to California? If so please let me know and hopefully we can work somthing out
Is the rear sight block banged up? Tape's holding the barrel pin to the front trunnion -- is that what's in the center of it?
Sorry for not responding sooner Yes that is tape on the trunion holding the barrel pin on and the sight block is nice not beat up
thanks ak47paul
I sent a reply.
Kit is sold pending funds to ......Vorvon...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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