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North Carolina: HSUS Trying to End Hunting Again!

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The anti-hunting extremists at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have apparently struck a deal to try to force through Senate Bill 460 next week! This bill, introduced by Freshman State Senator Don Davis (D-5), is the key to HSUS gaining a foothold in North Carolina in order to advance its agenda of attacking the rights of hunters in the Tar Heel State. HSUS has made no secret of its contempt for all commercial dog breeders, having made such statements as, âThereâs no need for anyone to patronize a pet store or a breeder,â and, â[G]ood breeders donât breed to make money.â As additional evidence that HSUS is using S 460 to simply advance its attacks on commercial breeders, it has been shown time and again that existing laws are already sufficient, and are being used to address the cruel treatment of dogs.

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