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Norton Systemworks 2004

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I used 2002 and 2003 with no problems and have been happy with it. Today I went out a purchased 2004 and it all began with registration problems. I ended up having to manually do it over the phone to get it activated.

After installation, everything seemed fine until I tried running the program. It won't open at all. I defragged, uninstalled and re-installed numerous times, but it wouldn't run at all. I even tried running live update and keep getting error messages. I do some googling and find out that Norton Systemworks 2004 has some really bad reviews for this reason as well as support being almost non-existant.

Does anyone currently use this software and either have no problems or had something similar and know of a workaround? In any event, I hope this helps for those of you considering purchasing this - so far $80 has gotten me nothing yet...and I've spent more than 4 hours trying to get this thing to work.
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Guys I use a free virus protection called AVG from Grisoft This works as well as every payed program I've tried. I've been using it for 3 years and love it. It updates automatically (you schedule it ) or manually, your choice. Then I use Zonelabs Zone-alarm for my firewall. They have a free firewall that many of my friends use and they swear by it. I use the payed version and it has protected me many times when surfing.
Anyway you might check 'em out as the price is right.
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