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not for the timid

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well here is a photo of what is left of my hand after the burn and the skin removal. some skin stuck to the thick nuckels, most of the rest is down to the meat. you can kind of make out the differant layers. :bawling:
it will be a long time till I can expost the hand to radeation so welding is out for some time. i hope mabe I can get someone to do the welding for me but no promises till it happens. I am typing with one finger on the other hand. so it is slow going. i spent two days on morfine steady drip, now i am on something that makes my vision roll like a tv out of tune. A nurse comes to the house evry day to replace the bandages and remove more tissue as it comes loose, yes it is painfull even on the meds. i would guess i will be out of work for many weeks. sounds good but not this way. workmans comp is just enough to have me starve slowely. i have a theripest that comes evrry day and she foldes my fingers to rip and streach the tissue in hopes that my fingers will have full movement when this is all over. yes pushing the fingers and ripping the new formed scar tissue is painfull. :bawling:
so much for useing my new lathe and welder.
i hade my wife send out the folding stock priority mail today, but again i am sorry about the park tanks. i realy enjoy reading the posts here but this typing is uncomfortable at best so i will be a bit less vocal that usual.
thanks for understanding the too hotbarrel

pardon the photo quality ,but maby it is better unclear this time anyway
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I wish you a quick recovery!! You also said that you are on worker's comp, let me give you a little advise. First, find a lawyer!! There are many comp. lawyers out there that don't get a red cent if you don't win anything....find one of them!! Try to do this before you talk to your works comp insurance. They usually call and will try to get you to say "I was just doing my job when this happen", while you are being taped on the other end. Thier job is to save the insurance company money, not make sure that you are being taken care of properly. This will be used at your comp hearing and not to your advantage! Plus a lawyer can steer you in the right direction, so if you have complications down the road, it will be covered. You have a nasty burn and infection is not out of the question!! Not trying to scare you, just stating a fact. I am not a lawyer, just a Firefighter/Paramedic, with a messed up knee from work. I don't know what state you are in, but I am in Maryland, if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them or try to find an answer. I know that if I did not have a lawyer, I would have been screwed several times on just this one case!!
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hotbarrel said:
am not shure what you mean by a settelment?? all I am getting is a weekly check. and my meds paid for. you are exactly correct about the phone call. thew wanted me to sai " all I was dooing was my job" they coached me some before the recorder went on.
no matter how you look at it I am SCREWED pay is less than a week without any OT. and in main they made a law you cant sue your employer. you do not think big business has goten deep into government do you? I am scerwed and going to get burned in about three ways other than the hot oil.
What a lawyer will do for you is get you a settlement. As Cephus said they usually take about 20% of it, but it isn't comming out of your pocket. You are sueing your employer. You will have a comp hearing, this will be after you see comps doctor and a doctor that your attorney will send you to. The Dr. visits are called IME's (Independent medica evaluations). Workers comp doctor will tell you how great you have it and that there is nothing wrong with you, the doctor that your attorney sends you to will give you the real scoop on things and give you a perminent disability rating (this is a percentage). Then usually you meet somewhere in the middle for a settlement. I won't go into how much of a settlement you will get. If you talk to a lawyer he will explain all of this to you. What all of this does is compensates you for your injury, keeps your claim open so if you have any problems with your hand after it heals you can get medical attention for it paid by comp and not you. Comp is going to eventually try to screw you....wait they already have tried by calling you. I know this seems like a lot of crap to go through, but you need to look out for yourself. Your employer isn't going to offer this info to you and comp definetly isn't. I can't tell you how many times that I went to get medications and comp has denied it!! I call my attorney (that I haven't given any money to, out of my pocket, except for his percentage of the settlement) and he takes care of it. Get an attorney and when comp calls again simpley say "talk to my attorney" they hate that!!
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hotbarrel said:
my state has a law ' you CAN NOT sue your employer, sounds like a sweet deal they made , hu. if I had enough money I could buy a few senitors too, and make laws that favor me.. About the best I can get would be to have the case held opne longer incase my hand gets worse later. their is no settelment here in maine , unless mabe I am out for a very very long time.
There may be some info on here that you would be interested in. With workers comp you are not sueing your employer. I don't know who is telling you this, but it is wrong. Here is some info that you may want to look at. The choice is yours. I am only speaking from personal experience. goto the space that says "specific info for employees" then click on choosing an attorney. There is a lot of other good info on here also.
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