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not for the timid

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well here is a photo of what is left of my hand after the burn and the skin removal. some skin stuck to the thick nuckels, most of the rest is down to the meat. you can kind of make out the differant layers. :bawling:
it will be a long time till I can expost the hand to radeation so welding is out for some time. i hope mabe I can get someone to do the welding for me but no promises till it happens. I am typing with one finger on the other hand. so it is slow going. i spent two days on morfine steady drip, now i am on something that makes my vision roll like a tv out of tune. A nurse comes to the house evry day to replace the bandages and remove more tissue as it comes loose, yes it is painfull even on the meds. i would guess i will be out of work for many weeks. sounds good but not this way. workmans comp is just enough to have me starve slowely. i have a theripest that comes evrry day and she foldes my fingers to rip and streach the tissue in hopes that my fingers will have full movement when this is all over. yes pushing the fingers and ripping the new formed scar tissue is painfull. :bawling:
so much for useing my new lathe and welder.
i hade my wife send out the folding stock priority mail today, but again i am sorry about the park tanks. i realy enjoy reading the posts here but this typing is uncomfortable at best so i will be a bit less vocal that usual.
thanks for understanding the too hotbarrel

pardon the photo quality ,but maby it is better unclear this time anyway
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Just hang in there. Were not going anywhere without you. Enjoy the off time the best you can. And if you need any help with anything you let us know!
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