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Hello members of Gunco,

As many of you know we are running our first contest this month and we have almost 800 entires now! Thanks to all that have signed up and thanks to our members who have donated to Gunco. Thanks also to our members who have donated stuff for our December holidays contest.

We are cooking up an even better contest for the Holidays and we are excited by the turnout we have had for our first contest.

Be sure to check out the refer a friend contest as well. It's easy, all you have to do is tell someone about Gunco and when they register be sure to to tell them to put your member name in the referrer box.

You can check out all the contest info at our Giveaways and Contests forum at the link below.

Other news

You might have noticed we have some new banner ads running for our new sponsors and friends of Gunco.

DPH arms
DPH launched his site this week and he is going to be helping us out and we are helping him in return. Be sure to give DPH a visit at his site and check out what he has to offer.

Ohio Rapid Fire
ORF has come on board to advertise with us as well. ORF in an Ohio based company that build some really nice rifles. They are in the middle of an expansion at their place of business and having a great year.

CNC Gunsmithing
Some of you know CNC around the board and he does some great work with AR15's as well as other stuff.

Be sure to check out all their sites.

Image server
We're in the process of putting together an image server for member use as well.

Thanks to everyone for their confidence in us and stay tuned for even better stuff.

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