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rak1004 said:
Here I get a new job for 1 week where I cant check the net daily, and all hell broke loose, someone fill me in on the details....
Gunsnet didn't like the fact that I and the other mods "here" went to this board.

I invited some people by word of internet and then it took off like wildfire.

I got banned over there and so did some other guys here. All hell broke loose and some people got mad, stirred the pot, blah, blah...... The usual stuff.

It's been re-hashed all week and it doesn't need to be gone over anymore here or over at gunsnet. I'm over it and I'm not upset about being banned and neither are a lot of other people.

Accusations and other things have been flying all week back and forth. I participated in them and it made things worse for me and members here.

Gunsnet is gunsnet and that's that! This place has taken off and we have members on both sides.

If you need the gory details of the infighting , PM me.

BTW: No offense meant towards you or anyone else. It's just the short story version.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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