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old shotgun shells & box

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Whats it worth?


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More then that 2.50 wrote on it. :D

No really, I don't know if the writing on the box will hurt the value or not but I'm sure just the box itself is worth something, you don't see art work like that on boxes anymore.
I don't know about the shells unless they are paper hulls.
If you can't get a solid answer on here or any other forum, put just the box on ebay or gunbroker (GB would be better because you only pay if it sells) and start it at whatever you want.
I might be interested, but no idea on price
ask around on the shotgunworld forum, there are people who collect stuff like that
Thanks for the info. It belongs to my boss. I think he may hang onto them unless someone offers redickulas cash.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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