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On pins and needles...............ARRRGH!

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My wife is due to give birth any time now and it's driving us both crazy.

The doctor has said she is a hair away from labor starting for almost 2 weeks now. Every time the phone rings at my desk I hope it's her calling to tell me the contractions have started.

It's nerve racking to say the least. When our first was born it just started one morning and we really were surprised because she wasn't that far along on her last weekly doctor's visit.

Anxiously waiting and counting every minute over here............. :headspin:
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Well they say taking your wife for a ride down a bumpy road will help start things. Supposedly A1 and mashed potatoes will do the same thing. <---I don't know how true that is though. Sometimes being intimate :naughty: :naughty: can get the labor rolling too..
SangRun Hunter said:
My co-worker just had their second 2 weeks ago today and he came back yesterday. He said him and the wife got intimate and within 30 mins she started her labor :smile: So.... I called the wife and told her which set things into motion. Didn't work though :confused:
It is always worth a try, right? Good luck on the child birth - I'm sure it will go fine. After the third it wasn't a month and a half and my wife asked when/if we were going to have another. I smiled and said we had to practice. My wife didn't find that comment so funny, :rofl: .
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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