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On pins and needles...............ARRRGH!

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My wife is due to give birth any time now and it's driving us both crazy.

The doctor has said she is a hair away from labor starting for almost 2 weeks now. Every time the phone rings at my desk I hope it's her calling to tell me the contractions have started.

It's nerve racking to say the least. When our first was born it just started one morning and we really were surprised because she wasn't that far along on her last weekly doctor's visit.

Anxiously waiting and counting every minute over here............. :headspin:
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We tried spicy foods, long walks, ankle massages, and we bumped uglies last night.

My co-worker just had their second 2 weeks ago today and he came back yesterday. He said him and the wife got intimate and within 30 mins she started her labor :smile: So.... I called the wife and told her which set things into motion. Didn't work though :confused:

Usually my wife is too tired, cold, hot, hungry, or you name it. We have a joke between us about the airspeed and temperture having to be just right for the perfect conditions.

It all goes out the window when we go on vacation though :rolleyes: I need to take her on more vacations!

This time she just wanted that baby out of her :rofl:
Rhino_66 said:
Good luck and best wishes!

If you want to hurry this along, why don't you just start another important project or something that requires patience and a lot of careful work. That is what my cousin did when they were waiting for his wife to deliver. 20 minutes past the point of no return on the project, she went into labor. This happened twice, so it should work for you too. :thumbup1:
That happend to my neighbor. He was painting a car for someone in his shop when his wife went into labor. :)

Thanks Custer, all the other stuff hasn't worked, but maybe bump firing? Never heard an old wives tale about that yet. :chinese:
The end is near!

Tomorrow at 6 AM the wife and I will be going to the hospital for her to be induced.

Looks like his birthday will be the 18th :D
Custer said:
Good luck and best wishes, Sang.
Thank You!

My wife is a little upset about the date, today is her birthday. It's okay though because she is ready to get that baby out of her! :)
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