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One vote counted big for Gun Owners!

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We've all been told that a single vote doesn't count.

Usually it's someone outside the mainstream of politics, who wants to convince others they can vote for a "throw-away party" on principal, because their one vote wouldn't count anyway. It is said a protest vote would make a "bigger" difference, because it "sends a message." I'm not against "third, fourth, of fifth" parties, except when they run protest campaigns with no realistic chance of victory. Historically, they harm the interests of those who vote for them in protest of a mainstream candidates.
Several weeks ago, at an NRA-ILA Workshop in Charlotte, I listened to State Rep Pryor Gibson. He won his office by one vote years ago. He is a gunshop owner, who has since co-authored important gun friendly legislation, including reciprocity of CCW with other States, as one example. He also helped defeat a "gun storage" bill, as another. He co-authored a bill which limited NC's odd law which requires a "Permit to Purchase" a pistol. Now, those with a CCW can purchase pistols without a permit. Rep Gibson mentioned that there would be anti-gun effort bill to close down firing ranges because of "lead content." However, as Chairman of the Envirnoment and Natural Resources Committe, he will make sure the Bill never makes it to a vote.

Had it not been for ONE vote, Pryor would have accomplished none of the pro-gun bills passed in our State. If just one more voter had chosen to vote for a third party candidate, we would have lost a pro-gun voice in our State House.

There is a lesson for those who want to vote in protest, but don't want their Second Amendment rights abrogated.
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