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I must of missed something.

there will be a polish KIT with usa parts?
a complete weapon?

US PARTS, I would go with
(1) slant brake - global # a-559
(2) Hammer
(3) disconnector
(4) trigger
(5) receiver (oow or vulcun)
(6) gas piston

With the above listed parts you can use polish furniture and any mags.

Now, if you do want to go with a laminated pistol grip, I have a suggestion.
I might be able to have a someone (you know who) make us some laminated grips and MIGHT be able to get the price down to the ballpark area of the ironwood depending on quanity (in the $25 range). Ironwood does not make good grips.

I would go with a Tapco G2 FCG. You can't beat the price.

Gas piston is a no-brainer. You can't see it when the gun is done and there is no difference in fit or function between a US and original.

The prob with Global's receiver is the milling required for the trunions.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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