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anyone watching the HBO series ? i did have Stars for the Spartacus series but it's over so switched to HBO and am now 'catching up' on the series not as good as band of brothers but still decent
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im watching it. I've read Eugene Sledge's book, "With the Old Breed", its been following the majority of his book pretty well. I'm enjoying the series. Its just good to see that they did this also, because we were feeling left out, after the bunch of European theater games, movies, etc. I just couldnt believe how much little timmy from Jurassic Park has grown up. :p
Pacific is a good series. I also thank Band of Brothers was a bit better.
Both are good quality entertainment.
I think it is way too boring. Not enough fighting scenes.
I'm liking it. If you expect Band of Brothers, you'll be disappointed. However, it really shows the horror and randomness of combat.

If you don't have HBO, you can watch it online: Watch The Pacific free online |
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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