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Para TTR type conversion?

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I was looking at the Para TTR specs last night and thought it might be possable to convert a standard AR type rifle to the Para's recoil system and side folding stock. From what I understand a gas operated with a op rod attached to the carrier which slides overtop of the short gas tube. Surrounding the op rod is the recoil spring that stands in for the conventional buffer/spring system. Also the carrier has been shortend 2.9" so that a folding stock can be used. Watch this vid at about the 1 min mark you can see just how it all works.
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The Para arms setup reminds me of an improved Olympic arms piston system. A piston driven upper is on the "to do list" for me at some point. I was thinking of an off center gas piston to keep the heigth low enough to use standard handguards or free float tubes if you wanted.
is there enough mass there to do without the buffer?
yes there should provided that one is able to calculate the require spring rate for the action spring place on top of op road..... this system is similar to a sig550 556 540 system

the action spring rides around the piston. one could either design this to be a short stroke system or a long similar to sig 5xx model

the para system is a delayed impingement system
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