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Ok (after long thought, lots of desire) guys I have decided I want to build a FAL. I went and purchased Gun Plumbers videos, book, and when completed I will purchase a parts kit. What advise can you give to a person just starting off. Has anyone seen or used the Austrian kit form DSArms? Whats a good source of tools. Thanks for the help. Jack

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7.62x39 said:

What's the deal with the inch vs metric?

Which type of kits are more plentiful?

I'm very interested in learning more about these builds. :rockin:

Check out the Austrian kit from DSArms. It looks nice. On the other hand Gunthngs has inch pattern some Commonwealth (inch) pattern models. Im as confused as you are. Maybe Sniper can help us out. I did by Gun Plumbers video and book which has been some help. Jack

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scubadvr said:
Check out the Austrian kit from DSArms. It looks nice. On the other hand Gunthngs has inch pattern some Commonwealth (inch) pattern models. Im as confused as you are. Maybe Sniper can help us out. I did by Gun Plumbers video and book which has been some help. Jack

The metric kits are most prevalent. Of course some prefer inch models (l1a1, etc). Also it is generally easier to find metric pattern receivers to do a build with.

Imbel kits come up from time to time in the falfiles marketplace. Also I see them on ebay every now and then. Double G gunsmithing had imbel kits for $165 but there were some problems on his end and slow delivery times. From what I have heard he isn't accepting any new orders.
As for a argie para kit buy go to

here is a thread for imbel kits from gunthings for $169

the austrian STG58 kits from dsa are nice. The FAL I have is an stg kit on an imbel receiver. I will try to look around and find some good kit deals to post here. I kick myself for selling the two imbel kits I had last year, but live and learn. Also I will try to post some stuff about barrel vises etc. What kind of tools do you currently have and which ones do you need? Are you wanting to build some of the tools yourself?

as to the deal with inch versus metric, the inch pattern are commonwealth rifles (i.e. britain, canada, australia), the metric pattern are for the rest of the world, lol. Some parts are interchangeable - some with modifications some without.

hope this helps.

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Inch (L1A1) kits:
- Welded tab on magazine is different from metric. Will not fit metric receiver. Metric mags will fit Inch receivers w/a little slop.
- Folding knob on charging handle. Folds forward to reduce snagging.
- Receiver is notched for charging handle knob.
- Feed ramp is slightly different.
- Barrel is indexed using shim washers to achieve 11:00 position.
- Pistol grip is attached to lower with a bolt instead of a permanent stud.
- Trigger guard can be removed to allow firing while wearing heavy gloves.
- Buttstock is different
- Receiver lock (allows lower and upper to separate) is different.
- Flash hider is different.
- Small notch in barrel for flash hider attachment.
- Gas regulator and gas block are different.
- Other minor differences.

Metric parts seem to be more plentiful. Both kits make great rifles, but receiver quality varies greatly by manufacturer. Check out opinions on other FAL boards before deciding on the brand of receiver to buy. I will HIGHLY recommend the DSA, but when you see the price (even the type 3) you'll scream. Imbel and Coonan are both good choices. Stay away from Williams and Century at all costs.

U.S. parts are available for both types, so compliance is not an issue. Both can be cut to carbine length and function fine.

The DSA top cover is unreal (again, you'll scream at the price)! It allows you to still use iron sights if you remove the scope. Some of the earlier top covers rendered iron sights useless because the rail was so tall. Tapco makes a couple of nice top covers too. One allows the use of stripper clips to charge the magazine (great for unfortunate Kalifornia residents).

Penguin stock sets are nice, and available in several colors. Gunthings had some nice walnut stock sets. Not cheap, but they are pretty.

Avoid the Century trigger group at all costs. That thing is turd-on-a-stick! The FSE trigger group is really nice, and would be my suggested piece. Tapco has a U.S. compliance parts set with a gas piston, charging handle, foregrip, and FSE trigger set for $99. The trigger set and piston go for $80, so why not get the other parts and save some cash.

I can post some pics of my Imbel-on-DSA if you want any details.

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nice to see you here, rhino.

gotta disagree on the century fcg. i have these in my "imbel on the cheap twins". built two guns with coonan, century hts, follower/floor on grade 3 kits for $620. not my favorite FAL, but they work just fine. there was some minor fitting to be done on the century hts, but this is gunsmithing, not parts changing.

inch barrels have a clockwise thread at the muzzle, metric ccw.

inch guns are just purdier. gotta go give 'em a hug.
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