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Parts Kits Help

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OK Im getting ready to bend some flats. I have already bought one AMD 65 parts kit. In the parts kit was a nice little letter that says,

This parts kit was sold as replacement parts only. The firearm was destroyed under the gun control act and nfa. The remaining parts are being sold as the parts kit. These parts can be used for dummy guns, Class II manufactures or as replacement parts only. The use of these parts to assemble a new gun would violate federal firearms laws.

So is it ok to use this parts kit. Or do I have to buy another one somewhere else. If so what do I look for in a parts kit.

Thanks for your help.

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Other than making sure the barrel is long enough, if your using a stock and making a rifle( high temp siver solder an extension on it) , and using enough US parts, you, as the end user, may build a semi automatic rifle. The importer may not however.
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