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Pleased to meet you...

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Hope you guessed my name...

Pic's most likely a fake, but "I like it, like it, yes I do..." FUJFK2~!


Edit: Dang, I got no problem with Anton, and I love Clint's characters, it's that Kerry flake that I can't take. I "sold my soul for rock and roll" but the Dems didn't run shit back then...


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Quick reply, I've got dozens of pics of LaVey with political sorts and others. Most, if not all, have been faked. Shit, I might consider voting for douchebag Kerry if I thought he might believe as I do...But I know better. I'll take a real Christian over some bogus wanna-be any day of the week. We share the same goals, odd as it may sound. Something to ponder, but all I and those I know desire is a reasonably safe place to live, love, and breed. As for the Clint pic, just saw it as fitting. Dirty Harry didn't f' around, to the point, and hardcore. Gotta love that in a man, even if it was a Holywood $cheme.
Dang Dixieboy, it's been a while...

Thanks fer the pic though, identical to one I have with a rock star and another politician but good novelty. Should be some great gun pics come Sept. 14, the ARs will probably be boring but the rest should be interesting, lots of options for the commie guns. Dremel in hand, ready to do business. Don't be a Chicken, Vote!

It's our only (probably last) chance this time. I remember the '89 and '94 bans all too well. With "satan's little helper" in office we're doomed.:eek:

Sidenote: Our homeboy Dixie remembers finding slant-cut receivers under thumbhole wood. What a low blow. (but hey, at $200 they were a great deal!)

Can't wait to see what November delivers. A Republican blowout would restore what little faith I have in modern American society. Then again, we did create a "free nation" by murdering the natives, importing slaves, and burning witches. Guess I shouldn't be shocked if yet another Klinton-istic disgrace wins...

God Bless. :thumbup1:
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