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Okay, I just got a tracking number from Joeken which probably means that my receivers are on their way to my FFL. I'm going to be building a Polish PMKM. It was going to be a PMKMS but I got a nice laminated stock and trunion for it so I had to drop the "S."

Anyway, who has built a Polish kit on a Vulcan receiver? Since this is my first it's going to be a screw build. Any problems that I can anticipate and take care of before they become apparent? I like to be prepared ahead of time. I've got plenty of the right size button head screws and drills/taps so I'm good there. Being a typical Polish kit the barrel and front trunion are already separated and there are no rivets to remove. This should be a fairly straightforward build. The only thing I can think of really going wrong would be maybe the predrilled receiver holes not matching up with the trunions.

Any particular favorites for cutting oil? Can I just use regular gun oil for that since it's such a shallow hole?

Any input on this guys? :cheers:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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