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polish underfolder head space

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On one of my builds, a polish underfolder, the barrel came removed from the trunion in the kit like most that I have seen. When I pressed it in with my 12 ton press it went in easy and the holes for the pin lined up perfect. Beginners luck, I thought. I don't have any reference as to where the barrel was in the trunion originally since it was apart when I recieved it but because the holes lined up perfectly I thought I was good to go. That's what i get for thinking! Headspace way too excessive. What's the deal. The numbers all match on the kit so I don't understand this. Any idea's. Or should I say solution's. ak'sr4me
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There are 2 standards on gauges
the American and the Euro (I know that are called something else)
There is a difference in dimensions.
I built a romainion. It was my first, and last screw together.
Once I had it together I put a live round in it and it closed all the way just like it should.
I carried it to my local smith and bud, had him check it with his gauges.
Both the GO and the NO-GO would not allow the bolt to close. But It would close on a live round. I carried i to the range with my bud Z_recto. Blasted 75 rounds out of it with no problems.

I can't remember the exact measurements, but using EURO guages the difference between go and no-go is HUGE
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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