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Finished MIG welding my AMD extension and muzzle brake. The first bead broke off due to my poor welding skills, so I had to hit it again. I made sure the muzzle was aligned properly with the barrel attachments. I found out the gas block is canted (!!!) by a small amount. You have to look to see it so I'm not worried.

I made another gizmo - this time the pistol grip reinforcement plate. I got a caffeine buzz last night and went crazy with Visio. The template is up on my templates page and on the bottom of my Trigger Guard contruction page:

I'll upload it to the library here if it seems like a worthy addition...

I also began the repair of my G3 foregrip retainer if any HK freaks are out there:

Stay tuned! :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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