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This is a gret place to get breaking news. These are part of the guys that got the Rather story out.

Tomorrow night (late) Monday AM there is supposed to be a big and bad story breaking from a major newspaper about Kerry and his foreign policy.

I wonder if they finally made the Iranian campaign funds and his negotiating with them this summer pre election which we all know is a big no, no.
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A no no? What an understatement! It?s F-ing illegal and he should be in prison. Any US citizen even a Senator is forbidden from going behind the Governments back (like he did) and negotiating anything with a foreign Government! In fact it was done during wartime and that should get him the firing squad, but instead he?ll get millions of votes instead of justice. I hope this news story your talking about will sway more votes to Bush and put this jerk out of office.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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