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Press fitting question.

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I want to press and pin a muzzle brake on to a bare barrel. The barrel diameter is .580 inch. I plan to cool it down in a bucket of ice and heat up the muzzle brake.
What does the I.D. of the muzzle brake need to be? I do not have a shop press. But I do have a rubber mallet. :)

Any help appreciated.
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I don't know what the dimensions of the muzzle brake should be but I would suggest putting away your rubber mallet and opt for a piece of wood inbetween the brake and a BFHammer. I have pressed a few of them on using a long threaded rod, through the brake and barrel with brass washers and nuts on the ends. Tape up the rod where it goes through the bore so you don't scratch the bore. Just tighten the nut slowly and make sure that the brake doesn't cock on you. I have a shop press but I seem to have better luck with the BFH approach for brakes and barrel pressing. Hope this helps ak'sr4me
Chiroone said:
Every consider just threading the barrel? The AWB is due to expire in a few hours, you could do that relatively easy, and it would not involve the dreaded "pound and pray" method.
That was my first thought too. Somewhere on this site is a post where you can order the correct die to thread the barrel and the tap to do the brake. They really weren't that expensive either and you could get a lot of use out of them in the future. ak'sr4me
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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